Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Neat Story: Simple Website Monetization Idea

At the very beginning of this year, Jason Sadler started an interesting experiment: I Wear Your Shirt, a project where every day, Jason would wear one shirt from one company per day and post his image on YouTube, Twitter, Ustream, and more. In essence, he would be a walking, talking billboard.

He also had an intriguing price structure: He only charged $1 for a company to have him wear its apparel on January 1st, $2 on the 2nd, etc. until December 31st, where the price would be $365. While each amount isn't that big, it added up. So did the attention.

The result: He sold out every day and will make over $70,000 this year alone ($66,795 + other contests and deals). Jason just launched his 2010 calendar, and in less than 24 hours, he sold 115+ days.

Check him out at http://www.iwearyourshirt.com.

Video from August 17th:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Get Real Followers on Twitter

Last week in my weekly newsletter I said that there are two ways you can get 5,000 more Twitter followers in the next four weeks.

1. Read my Twitter Mania Manual and do what it says. Download it for free at http://www.bookmarket.com/50Waysto Tweet.htm.

2. Pay me (John Kremer) $1,000 and provide me with access to your Twitter account, and I will add 5,000 new followers to your Twitter profile in the next four weeks. Note: This offer is only good for authors who have fewer than 5,000 current followers on Twitter. If you'd like to take advantage of this offer, email JohnKremer@BookMarket.com.

I am proud of all of you for taking the first choice above. I offered the second option because I was told that many people wanted hands-on help to follow my simply guidelines in the free Twitter Mania Manual.

Well, no one took me up on that offer. Note: It was a legitimate offer. I would have helped any author to get legitimate, targeted, interested, non-spamming followers -- 5,000 people who would have had a real and legitimate interest in the author's work.

I am glad that all of you took the first option, because Twitter is all about building real relationships. And those are always better to build yourself rather than pay someone money to do it for you.

If you would like my guidance and feedback while you do it yourself, I'd be happy to help. For that service -- one month of Twitter feedback -- the fee is only $200. But you can do it well for yourself simply by reading and following the advice in the free Twitter Mania Manual. Download for free at http://www.bookmarket.com/50WaystoTweet.htm

If you want my feedback, email JohnKremer@BookMarket.com or call 575-751-3398. Again, the fee is only $200. A bargain at that price.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Denver Seminar: A Success

My back-to-back seminars, the Book Marketing Blast-Off Seminar and the Ten Million Eyeballs Internet marketing seminar, were very successful.
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