Friday, May 27, 2011

A 2012 Presidential Ticket I Could Support

But that's only because I love beautiful women.

Of course, Pippa isn't really eligible. So maybe, Carrie Underwood and Jessica Alba.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Book Marketing Tweets You Can Use - May 17th

Here are some of my more recent tweets - just in case you missed them. There are some valuable tips and resources featured in these tweets.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Show Me About Book Publishing - Special Promotion

Show Me About Book Publishing by Judith Briles, Rick Frishman and John Kremer is celebrating its official book launch on Tuesday, May 17th to Wednesday May 19th.

Here's where you can find more details about this new book:

For less than $20, you can get your copy on or And, if you do it in the next three days, you'll not only get a great book but you'll also get a bonus package of gifts that are designed specifically for the author valued at $1500+. But you have to order in the next three days to get the bonus package.

Here are some of the gifts you'll get as a bonus:
  • A free cartoon illustration by Shannon Parish of Illustrating You—value $100
  • A free copy of Dan Poynter’s Secret List of Promotion Contacts—value priceless
  • A free copy of Literary, Subsidiary Rights, and Foreign Rights Agents, a mini-guide includes more than 1,425 literary agents, including 325+ agents that sell foreign rights, 400 that have sold a first novel, and another 50 or so that handle subsidiary rights sales from John Kremer—value $30
  • A free listen to Peggy McColl interviewing Elle Newmark on how she Secured a 7-Figure Book Deal—priceless
  • A free copy of Alex Carroll’s Radio Publicity Manual ebook—value $49
  • Dan Janal and PR Leads are offering a two for one—his service delivers specific media requests that have been customized for the Author throughout the day. Much more higher-profile media than other services. Buy one month, get the second month free. Value $99.
PLUS … Judith, Rick and John will draw three lucky winners … to win one of the three prizes:
  • A Book Marketing Magic: How to Sell Your Book Like a Pro multi-media program from John—value $12
  • Book Shepherding consult with Judith—value $500
  • Registration for Author 101 University in New York May 22-23 from Rick—value $497
All you need to do is follow these two steps:
  1. Buy your copy at or at our website line, and
  2. Claim your prizes! Remember: You must buy between May 17th and the 19th.
Here’s where to start:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Amazon Kindle Swindle - Authors: People Are Stealing Your Work!

Update (January 2012): Amazon is now eliminating duplicate content, PLR created ebooks, stolen content, and related ebooks. You books should now be safe on Amazon's Kindle platform. Thanks, Amazon, for doing your job the right way and preserving the copyrights of book authors!

Kindle Fire

My long-time friend and fellow book author, Ernie Zelinski, alerted me to the Amazon Kindle Swindle - where is making out like a bandit! And providing no relief to book authors whose works are being stolen - and resold by

Did you know that your copyrighted work (which took you months or years to write) might right now be sitting on and being sold as a Kindle ebook by some charlatan - and may be sold under your name! But the money is going to someone named Mingfeng Lai or other aliases.

And, worse, Amazon is doing nothing about it but pocketing the money from such sales!

It's already happened to a number of authors!

Ernie Zelinski has already discovered three of his books being resold as Kindle ebooks by people who have stolen his content. Mingfeng Lai is selling Career Success Without a Real Job and Retire Happy, Wild, and Free for 99 cents. Amazingly, the faux author describes the book as being written by Ernie Zelinski but lists himself as the author.

Check out the listings: and (Also check out Ernie's letter to on that page).

Another of Ernie's books, 1001 Best Things Ever Said About Work, is being sold for $5.99 as a Kindle ebook under his name! But he didn't list it. He doesn't even have a Kindle publishing account yet. Check it out at:

Ernie has notified Amazon about all three violations of his copyright, but they have given him no response.

Note: If you check Mingfeng Lai's webpage on Amazon at, you'll discover that he's selling 296 Kindle ebooks as his own creations, most selling for 99 cents. You might be surprised to see your own book up on his page soon, if it's not already there.

S.K.S. Perry is another author who discovered his novel, Darkside, being sold via a false account under his own name. Nine days after filing a complaint to Amazon's copyright violation email, he still hadn't heard back from them. has to take responsibility for faux sellers like this. Or they will soon be sued by the legitimate copyright holders. Amazon has to set up a better system of vetting who owns the rights to the ebooks they allow to be published as Kindle books.

Book authors: Write about the Amazon Kindle Swindle. Get up in arms. Do something now before your own words are stolen. While Amazon profits from such stolen work.

It shouldn't be that hard for Amazon to set up a scanning system to see if a new Kindle ebook duplicates content already up on Amazon. That's what's Amazon's computing power should be all about.

At the very least, Amazon should set up a system so authors can easily report violators - and then Amazon should act immediately to take down such Kindle violations AND close the accounts of such ebook parasites.

Amazon should also have a better vetting process for who they allow to upload to Kindle's estore. At some point, Amazon has to take responsibility for how it profits from copyright theft. Or it will lose customers - every book author in the world, to start.


One way, of course, to cut down the effects of copyright theft is simply to do such a good job selling your book that a few theft sales won't matter.

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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Book Marketing Tweets You Can Use

Here are some of my more recent tweets - just in case you missed them. There are some valuable tips and resources featured in these tweets.

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