Sunday, January 22, 2006

Get Off Your Behinds!

Well, I'm tired of authors, POD published authors, and self-publishers who continually spend money trying to get other people to do what they should be doing.

I am sick and tired of that. I hate the griping that no one wants to listen to you. I hate the whining when another service provider takes you by the nose and wrings out all your money without providing much. I hate the statement so many make that "I'm giving up because no one cares."

Everyone cares. Damn it. Everyone cares.

Except you. If you fall into one of the three whining patterns I've outlined above, I know exactly what is going on. YOU DON'T CARE. Because if you really had any true passion for your book, nothing would stop you. You wouldn't wait for someone else to champion your book. You would do it. You would climb the highest mountain if need be, so people would know about your book. Or you would parachute into Windsor Palace. Or you would stand in front of a speeding truck. You would die for your book.

If none of this makes sense to you, you are not an author. You are a dilettante.

My apologies if this rant offends you, but some days I really get tired of authors who expect other people to do the work they should be doing.

As a good friend once wrote, get off your Buts ...

Thursday, January 05, 2006

HarperCollins's New Poetry Blog and Web Site

HarperCollins has just launched a new web site called Fantastic. Finally poets get their due. The first poet they featured was Charles Bukowski (see above).

It's a nice web site which should grow into a great resource for poets. Right now, it already has some great links to other poetry sites, blogs, and journals.

If you're a poet, check it out.
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